Effort And Attainment Grades Explained

Attainment Grades:

1 – Consistently outstanding attainment in the majority of areas covered. Is working at a level well beyond the expectations of the national average for a girl of her age.

2 – Secure attainment in most areas covered. Is exceeding expectation in comparison to  the  national average for a girl of her age.

3 – Attainment is in line with the expectations of the  national average for a girl of her age but requires further revision or input on occasion.

4 – Inconsistent attainment in most areas and needing further attention and input to improve.


Effort Grades:

A – Fantastic approach to all areas of work, which could not be improved upon in any major way.

B – Good approach to all areas of work and regularly demonstrates a positive work ethic.

C – Appropriate levels of focus and determination demonstrated on most occasions but room, at times, to be better.

D – Inconsistent approach to work; focus and determination need to be improved.

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